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November 6th,2014 . The question been asked ..where do I see my self in 10 years .. and the answer were given .. a conference speaker .
A dream is about to put reality to its steps .. a new journey toward the next goal sending a rush of passion .
Here I am documenting my goal to be a memory ..a postive one to push me ahead .. never stopping . Never giving up . And today we shall plan .. for our next level for our life .. for our future my dear love .
Joy .


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October .. It’s our month my dear love .. Like this time 3 years ago ..our hearts started to know ..like these days I started waiting the chances to spend time with u and my heart beats started to race when ever u cross my thought

likw this time of the year I found that joy ..the joy of findin home .. The joy of belong . A feeling of happiness and strength all combined .. When for ever sounded too short …that’s when all I wanted is to be with u and for u .. No matter what it takes no matter how hard it is .

Ur love is no like any ..though everything it lived ..and like an angel’ wings it always rose ..loving u my dear was the journey I found ..was the me that was lost ..and today we share this path ..with an amazing jasmine between our hearts

loving u is a bless that’s so much like a soft rain in the summer day and..having u by my side is more than I ever asked god

i love you .

Joy ,

Baby Jasmine

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After 38 weeks of waiting .. of feeling her growing inside of me .. moving and kicking ..bonding everynight more than the night before ..
Here it came her time to arrive .. on the 31st of march ..mid night .. journey of labor started …
It was full of joy .. luaghter in the beginning .. both of us me and her father so confused .. so lacking of experience .. so excited to see her eyes . To hear her crying loud . And right after the sun rose .. my dear jasmine wetnessed life .. welcome my dear to the world .. welcome my dear to my hear .

Joy .

Baby Jasmine

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My dear angel,
With few weeks left till u finally shine our lives .. I write tp u these first words .. everuone cant wait till they meet u .
Today .. 1st step in ur room was done .. with the apple green wall paper and soon the baby pink curtains on them .
Missing u like never did miss anyone 

Death !

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The idea of death had always been scary to me ..an avoided subject …so hard to understand .. today my mother’s dog died . His name was Zous he was monthes of age …it was horrble the tears of my mom .. the place he left .. all just made me think ..if the death of a pet who hadnt been in our lives more than 6 monthes left such a pain , what kind of hearts or humanity do those who kill innocents .. kids women or even men just because they differ in points of view ..or relegion as they state !!
God its so hard to lose a soul .. alife is so precious but wourld today seem to be blind about such a fact ..so busy fighting who lives right forgetting how to live .
Death .. so painful fact but should open our eyes ..life is too short to apwnd in hate ..fight or conflicts .
Peace aint hard to reach once each of us finds it first withen his self .
Love to all of my family, friends and every god blessed soul .


The un-describable

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play of masks

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a thought was crossing my mind .. this thought was about how we dnt feel enough to just be loved but to know and see as well .. to us its not enough that we love ..we have to show it ..we have to announce it  …we have to act it ..and just by thought ..another idea came to me ..if this is how we feel as human .and ..if we were made by God ..shouldnt it be the same ? … meaning its not just enough to love him or believe in him yet we must show and act it ! 
anyways , this is not about relegion ..its about care ..emotions .. how they matter beyond what some might think .. it about the power of simple word when it touches our hearts .. and how a silly small act could hurt us the most . 

i believe when it comes to feeling we all have the same one language , we all get hurt by the same reasons only we differ in our streanth  of taking it . with time as we grow ..we learn the art of hide .. the play of masks ..some of us are so good at it ,,  other just fail to grap the right mask . 


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متعب قلبي .. احبطه الاعتقاد .. احبطه الايمان .. بان هناك من لا يسمح بكسره .. من لا ياتي بجرحه … من يدواي و يداري .. من يحب و يعشق .  من لا يبكيه الدمع ..من لا يطعمه الشوك … من يرأف به .. و من يرى انه زجاج هش قابل للانكسار .
منكسرة ! و مرير هو ما اشعر به فاغلى ما املك هو نفسه جرحي … و كل ما املك ان ابلع غصي !


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بقدر ما تمطر السماء ماء عذبا يبقى البحر مالحا ..

Love story _2

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With time we learn .. might be the hard way to some of us .. that life last for no one .. the time stoppes for no body … and that hurt is un avoidable … if we want to live ..pain is part of the pakage .. how we ovrrcome that define us .. how we fogive and move on defines our power … how choose to live ..we do . How we want to be we be …but never ever how wants life or other .. we only controle the soul and actions of our own .
Joy ,